Poem Collage

Design Objective: Create a mixed media collage in Photoshop that represents the provided poem, Fly With the Bird. Intentional thought should be given to various media types, typography, visual hierarchy, image manipulation, and designing with the intent of evoking a response from the  audience.

Design Statement: The mixed media was created by taking five images and creating a collage in Photoshop. Fragments of the poem were also added to the collage for extra emphasis. A child is used as emphasis in the center of the collage with a double exposure using clouds and birds. A woman in grayscale—along with a hand that depicts “adult horror”—sits in the top right of the canvas. The leaves anchor the composition and add movement. The birds and feather portrays the embrace of the bird, which yields even more interest in the composition. Pops of blue add interest to the eyes.




Alex Lor

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